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Custom Challenge Coins in the World of Tabletop Gaming

Render 4Discover how custom challenge coins become treasured prizes and enduring mementos in the world of tabletop gaming, captivating both military and non-military players alike.

Warhammer: A Game Through the Ages

Warhammer, a respected tabletop game, has been captivating players for decades since its inception as Warhammer: First Edition in 1983. This military strategy game is set in a fantasy/sci-fi theme, involving intricate miniatures and a passionate community of gamers.

In Warhammer, players are the generals of their own armies, composed of fantasy races such as elves and aliens. It's governed by a set of rules that can be found at game stores or on official Warhammer sites. 

The games are played in rounds, turns, and phases. Each game typically spans five rounds, with each player taking their turn in a round, and multiple phases depending on the specific game variant you're playing. Warhammer hosts its own grand tournaments, but independent game stores also play a crucial role in organizing their own tournaments.

Additionally, Warhammer offers two other distinct versions of the game: Kill Team, a small-scale skirmish game with its own set of rules, and Age of Sigmar, which transports players to a different universe with its own unique gameplay.


Crafting the Battlefield with Warhammer Figures

One of the key elements that set Warhammer apart from other tabletop games is its attention to detail. Miniatures,both store bought or crafted and painted by players, take center stage on the battlefield. Each piece represents not just a unit but a piece of a larger narrative. These miniatures become works of art in their own right, a testament to the creativity and dedication of Warhammer players.

The heart of Warhammer lies in the storytelling and strategy that unfolds with each roll of the dice and movement of the miniatures. Players engage in epic battles, complete with tactics, alliances, and betrayals. It's a game that challenges not only one's strategic thinking but also their ability to adapt and make decisions under pressure. Whether it's a large-scale battle or a small skirmish, every game of Warhammer is a unique narrative waiting to be written.


The Role of Challenge Coins in Tabletop Games & Tournaments

The concept of challenge coins finds its roots in the military, but its connection to Warhammer and tabletop gaming is not far-fetched. Much like medals of honor in the armed forces, challenge coins serve as tangible symbols of achievement and recognition for tabletop gamers.

Challenge coins, like the ones we're about to highlight, aren't limited to Warhammer. They find their place in various events, including sports tournaments and video game competitions, where they serve as cherished medals, rewards, and mementos.

Layton Gaming Leveling Up the Gaming Experience


Layton Gaming, a local game store nestled in Altamonte Springs, Florida, has taken the Warhammer experience to the next level. They offer custom challenge coins for their Warhammer tournaments, including Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, and Kill Team. 

These exquisite coins come in three distinct metals: Gold for first place, Silver for second, and Bronze for third. With their timeless, antique look and absence of enamel coloring, these coins become cherished keepsakes for the victorious participants.

Layton Gaming's dedication to its gaming community extends beyond providing a space for tabletop battles. They understand that gaming is not just about winning or losing; it's about forging friendships, creating memories, and celebrating the passion for tabletop games. These warhammer challenge coins, with their unique designs and craftsmanship, serve as lasting reminders of the camaraderie and achievements that unfold within the walls of their store.

Make Your Mark with Your Own Tokens of Victory

In conclusion, Warhammer and tabletop gaming are not just games; they are avenues for strategic thinking, creativity, and camaraderie. We encourage you to explore your local game stores, participate in events, both big and small, and share your own Warhammer and tabletop gaming adventures. 

If you're inspired by the concept of challenge coins, consider partnering with US DOD Coins to create your own custom coins for tournaments, events, and more. These tokens of achievement will not only commemorate your victories but also stand as enduring symbols of your dedication to the world of tabletop gaming.Render 3


It takes a lot of effort, longer production and more time to design and make these unique coins, so our queue of clients can get full from time to time. We suggest you grab our template and get started today in order to receive your awards in time for your next event.